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Greenlink now active in Kenya!

Greenlink acquires RIWIK in Kenya
Riwik East Africa Ltd is a rapidly growing company that supplies innovative, reliable

and affordable renewable energy solutions in Kenya.

Through their integrated service approach, they partner with their clients, help them navigate their way through the renewable energy product range and offer uniquely tailored solar solutions.

As part of building an African Center of Excellence for the solar industry the acquisition of RIWIK provides us with a solid base in Kenya.

Maarten Strengers, co-founder Greenlink

From November 1st 2015 on, Pepijn Steemers has taken over the role of Bart as a CEO of RIWIK. RIWIK COO, Jesse Gorter, remains responsible for running the daily operations in Kenya. We invite you to contact Jesse for any inquiries.
In our search for a new owner, we have looked for a company that had the best intentions with the team and our customers. We are very glad we have found just that company in Greenlink.”  

Bart Fugers, Founder RIWIK

Greenlink has extensive experience with projects in Africa ranging from countries in

the West to the East of the continent. Greenlink's expanding base of office locations ensures direct local support for all it's customers. With the acquisition of RIWIK, Greenlink now has offices in three African countries. 

Africa, be ready for more Greenlink!
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