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Are you our new Technical Manager East Africa?

Based in Nairobi

We have a great job opportunity in Kenya available. We are looking for a technical manager to support our teams in East Africa to grow. Help us to set quality, service and technical standards. Hands-on, analytical, creative, service oriented.

We offer an opportunity to do meaningful work, in the most interesting places and circumstances.

Greenlink is a young and dynamic solar company headquartered in the Netherlands with offices in Kenya, Tanzania and The Gambia. Greenlink has a passion to create energy solutions on the Africa’s most remote locations and toughest challenges.

If you think you are the person to run our technical department, in our growing company, send us your details. We are interested to see who you are!

The 4 important talents you need to have;

Creative: You need to be able to organise the transport of 29 tons of batteries to a remote island with no working forklift, the truck has 6 flat tires and it is the day after the national holiday.

Analytical: When you are trouble shooting, the fault could be anywhere.  We need you to recognize problem scenarios before they appear.

Hands-on: Work in the bush requires you to be willing to take on any task required to complete the Job. It’s a highly skilled job but also requires you to get your hands dirty when needed.

Service Oriented:  We work with a very diverse group of customers. From rural health centres providing live saving support to high end game lodges and private islands in Africa’s most beautiful and remote locations. All requiring top level support at the weirdest of times.

The Job will be based from Nairobi with frequent travel to our teams in Tanzania and countries we work in.

Please send your application to

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